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Every athlete has obstacles. His are just Bigger.

Joe Stone is attempting to become the first wheelchair using quadriplegic to finish an IRONMAN Triathlon.

November 2, Panama City Beach, Florida
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Three years ago, Joe Stone was paralyzed after crashing into a mountain while speed flying.  Today, he has one goal: to prove that disabilities don’t mean a person can’t do something, they simply mean there’s a different way of doing it.

Joe’s heart, spark and grit got him through a life-changing accident, and have moved him to inspire both disabled and able-bodied individuals to see the world of possibilities before them.

When you’ve cheated death, nothing is impossible.

After surviving a speed flying accident, Joe has dedicated his life to helping others conquer their own challenges. To show how it’s done, he’s attempting an IRONMAN triathlon. Come back soon to see how Joe’s journey continues.

With 3,000 athletes swimming around you, into you and over you, it’s no wonder the swimming leg is the most deadly. Pair that with the inability to move anything below your pecs. Luckily, Joe has a custom fit eco-hydro wetsuit that allows his body to maintain buoyancy while in the water.

The bike leg is 112 grueling miles and to make the time cut off, Joe needs to maintain an average speed of approximately 13 mph. To accomplish this, he has a hand cycle that lets him crank using only his arms.

Joe will complete the run leg using a racing wheelchair that allows him to propel himself forward by pushing the wheels with both hands. Reaching the final leg will be exhausting for all, but Joe has an extra obstacle: he can’t sweat. To overcome this, he’ll need to occasionally stop and cool off.